Who We Are

Louisville Socialists is a vibrant, working-class community of Louisvillians who work toward building a just and liberated Louisville.

What We Do

We are a non-sectarian, working-class political organization. We create and support grassroots cooperative efforts that dismantle oppressive systems of racism, sexism, and capitalism within our city and the world. We build working class power.

We welcome all who are committed to this vision.

How We Operate

Louisville Socialists works from a philosophy of Dual Power.  Simply put, we want to fight the power and serve the people.

While we recognize that laws and policies directly harm us, simply pushing back and demanding reforms will never be enough. The powers that be will only give as little as they must. In the meantime, we continue to suffer from a system designed to exploit us. We must resist, but in order to ever overcome this system, we must also build our own power. Dual Power simply describes this strategy.

There are two types of Dual Power groups, alternative institutions and counter institutions. The Seattle Communist Party explains the difference succinctly:

Alternative institutions meet a need directly. Counter-institutions challenge capitalism’s way of doing things. Alternative institutions start making a system that’s just, while counter-institutions work against one that’s unjust.”

In our work developing a Tenants’ Union and showing up with unions to protest Right to Work legislation, we build and strengthen counter institutions that fight back when capitalism hurts us. This is good.

In supporting the Louisville Food Co-op, working as EMW Clinic Escorts, and building a Solidarity Network, we help to build vital alternative institutions that solve our problems directly where capitalism fails. This is even better.

As we build momentum, we hope to expand and incubate more alternative institutions. Creating this base of power for the people will allow us to strengthen our stand against capitalism and to stop the destruction and exploitation of our lives and communities.

What You Can Do

Coming to a Happy Hour, Movie Night, or Jacobin Reading Group are all great ways to meet other members and get a feel for the group. Once you have an idea of where you might fit, we recommend you become a dues paying member, attend an Internal Meeting, and jump in. You might want to add your skills and strength to an existing project, or you may see an unmet need in your community that we can begin to work on together.

One thought on “About

  1. Happy to see another organization building socialism in Louisville! Looking forward to working with you in the fight for workers’ rights , building unity with social and ecological movements, and international solidarity with workers by building the anti-war and anti-imperialist movements. Bronson, Louisville Socialist Action.


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